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Our analytical approach of cultural engineeringTM is what makes us unique among european design agencies. In modern societies, where consumers almost always have choices, design needs to offer more than pure function. Design needs to convey value and identity as well, enabling customers and users to forge emotional bonds with a brand. All branded environments and industrial design projects at Studio & Partners therefore begin with a meticulous analysis of the client's brand, its origins and its roots. Against this backdrop, we then evaluate consumer expectations and place these within their social and cultural contexts.

Establishing the dynamics between these three elements enables us to define their interactions and interfaces. This "radical" approach to design (radix = Latin for roots, origin) and these logical points of contact provide the launchpad for our creative process, enabling us to generate distinctive, appropriate and compelling solutions that produce real value for the client's brand.

engineering - the apllication of pure science to pratical problems;

culture - patterns of human activity and the meaning we attach to them;

cultural engineeringTM - the approach employed by Studio and Partners to analyse and harness the energies that drive specific environments & products.