Haworth, European showrooms


As part of Studio & Partners strategic repositioning project of the Haworth brand, that included the product portfolio, design of 5 major new lines of furniture, showroom design and HQ, the european showrooms where aligned to the new vision of "Great Spaces" - "From furniture for people that work, to furniture that works for people".

Like the most recent showrooms in Chicago and Los Angeles, even in Milan and Athens a new spirit which goes beyond the boundaries of traditional furniture showrooms was needed in order to create an environment in whitch clients, architects, designers, partners and environmental specialists can share ideas and experiences and therefore draw inspiration for their own projects. We have named it the "Great Space".

An architectonic challenge here in Milan, in the historical setting of Castelli, inside an imposing nineteenth Century building, located opposite the Castello Sforzesco, has been taken on by Studio & Partners. It involves findings a solution for continuity and functionality between existing and articulated spaces, integrating for example the vaulted brick cellar into a space which is used daily. Today it is used as an interactive and creative space.

3 showrooms