Marazzi - Adaptive floor


Marazzi is one of the world’s largest ceramic tile manufactures that from its initial base in Sassuolo near Parma has now production facilities in North America, Russia and China. 

It engaged Studio&Partners to organise a series of workshops and seminars that would provide its sales team with a greater knowledge on trends in architecture and construction that would help them support project driven contacts in the market. 

In parallel Studio & Partners investigated how Marazzi’s existing technical divsion, specialised in ventilated facades and raised floors could respond with a more comprehensive and innovative product offer. The result was the creation of the Adaptive Floor program which seeks to elevate the potential and importance of raised floors as a key part of new or existing buildings infrastructure and refurbishment. To support this development Studio&Partners selected leading specialist manufacturers – lighting IGUZZINI, cable infrastructure HAGER and climate systems CARRIER to partner in the creation of a coordinated range of interchangeable elements that could be integrated into the floor system.

One of the key design drivers was to respond to a new European law that requires all technical components to be totally flush with the finshed floor surface. The result was a simple coordinated range of recessed adaptor rings that exploit the increasing technical precision of ceramic tile manufacturing into which present and new components from the partners product catalogues could be integrated without infringing the new laws.