Haworth - Integrated palette



Commencing in 2003 with the design of four product lines that were conceived to be compatible and combinable through the application of the 7 design logics in the design of the products, Studio & Partners and an internal Haworth team embarked on a 4 four years effort to reposition the companies product porfolio in the US. 

Enabling interior designers and architects, as well as users, to migrate within the product families by creating innovative applications combining the different products to new solutions as it can be witnessed on the Idea Starters on the Haworth Web site was the scope of the project. Solutions not products are at the centre of this strategic approach named Integrated Palette conceived and designed by Studio & Partners.

‘From furniture for people that work, to environments that work for people’ was the motto of the exercise, that not only produced the product lines of Enclose, Compose, Patterns, Planes, Reside, Beside and Belong but transformed all Haworth US showrooms and culminated with the refurbishing of the Haworth corporate HQ in 2008.