Turkish Embassy, Berlin


In 2009 Studio & Partners was awarded the design of the interiors of the new Embassy of the Republic of Turkey to be built in the Tiergartenstrasse in Berlin adjacent to the South-African and Italian Embassies. Based on the modern architectural language of the building designed by nsh architects, Studio & Partners concept for the furniture aims to provide the interior spaces with a unique and distinctive contemporary Turkish flavour.

Studio & Partners believes that the ambient of the embassy has to reflect the values and character of the contemporary Turkish society, its economical potential as well as its modern and traditional cultural  roots, rather than being just a generic office space. This approach we call ‘cultural engineering’, the combination of functional requirements with intrinsic cultural values.


The design of interior details and the selection of furniture is a blend of distinctive modern Turkish furniture from local producers like Autoban or Koleksiyon, with modern German office furniture of the functional Bauhaus tradition. By this contraposition, we hope to have found an interpretative key to the specific location and purpose of the Embassy in Berlin as place of bilateral Turkish/German encounter.



In collaboration with nhs Architects, Berlin