stilwerk forum


As part of the stilwerk project in Berlin, Studio & Partners was asked to conceive a conceive a concept for a specific event space, that was supposed to function as part of the Stilwerk brand. To increase the attractiveness of the building this event space is supposed to work in conjunction with the retail surfaces, just as much are the Restaurant and Bar areas.

The area consists of an event space of 400 mq that can be divided by means of movable walls and adjacent media room as well as catering preperation space. A Guardaroba, public bathrooms and the terrace and roof garden are part of this concept.

Studio & Partners created this branded environment like a modernist pavilion on top of the roof of the Stilwerk with its adjacent terrace under a Pergola. In the first years of its existence the space has been very successfully used ad location for conferences, events, product launches etc. and thus generated additional traffic for the retail surfaces and increased the popularity of the location. The stilwerk forum has provided the stilwerk brand with a unique new space that provides its users and guests with their share of the sky over Berlin.