Über den Linden


Deutsche Bank has had since long a strong image and reputation as a financial institution with strong cultural involvement, to reflect the importance of its main office in the capital Berlin the senior management board decided to create a lounge in for social entertainment purposes. The space previously a large conference facility on the top floor of the beautifully restored historic seat of the Deutsche Bank in Under und Linden has been extended to include a roof top terrace that provides commanding view to some of the cities key monuments.

The space includes a small bar that is enclosed by dark glass and wooden louvres, a reading area with library, lounge and a formal dining space that can be separated by a full height sliding glass wall. This glass wall employs a ....... technique, that allows it to made non transparent to enhance privacy.

A strong emphasis has been laid on these finishing touches, to give the space a strong personal character similar to that of a private residence, rather than the common atmosphere of a well kept furniture showroom. Aim has been to provide the ambiente with a personality that reflects the brand and the values of the Deutsche Bank. The terrace above is reached by a newly integrated staircase and has been designed to respond to the different types of events with a group of retractable sun protection canopies.

In collaboration with N+M Architekten, Berlin