Buwog, 52 Nord Pavillion


In November 2014 Studio & Partners got commissioned by the Austrian real estate company BUWOG to design a container based Showroom for the 700 Apartments project 52˚ Nord, in Berlin Grünau. Objective was to create a venue that could be used as a Showroom for sales purposes, as an event location and the centre piece of this 4 year development project.

By placing the Pavilion on a 2 m height dune like mount raised the level to future construction height and achieved a spectacular overview of the site on the river Dahme. To convey the atmosphere of Nordic life by the waterfront Studio & Partners arranged the buyers customer experience as a sequence of approaching a green wall, entering the Showroom and discovering a Pavilion furnished like an apartment with Terraces and views overlooking the waterfront.

Using a Boston-Ivy covered fence to hide the unattractive containers‘ walls and by positioning an iconic pitch roofed container on top, a landmark clearly visible from the street is created. The house icon floats on top of an overgrown wall, that changes appearance with the seasons.