The Web has brought radical changes to the world of commerce. Today perception of brands is more than ever a virtual – rather than a real and tangible – experience. In consumers eyes, they have been progressively disembodied and stripped identity – with predictable consequences.

Leading brands have long recognised this. In response they have seized on the opportunity to reinvent their physical locations. These places no longer serve merely as points of sale. Instead they have become powerful points of contact, locations with a unique character and emotive atmosphere and flair, that restore – and indeed intensify – the direct and physical interaction between consumers and brands, bringing its values and philosophy to life. Creating a seamless ‘virtual to real’ experience for users, restoring the brand's uniqueness, and inspiring to engage with it and increasing customer loyalty.

With expertise ranging from architecture through to interior and industrial design, Studio & Partners is ideally equipped to produce intuitive, genuine and memorable branded environments. Our full-service packages and approach of cultural engineering has created the faces, 3-D identities and customized components for residential buildings and cultural institutions, tourist resorts, shopping centres and flagship stores, railway stations, office buildings and Co-workingspaces, service centres and lounges. Whether you are seeking a prestigious new headquarters interiors, emotively appealing retail or service venues, or custom furniture and accessories for your service areas, our multi-disciplinary teams can be trusted to articulate your brand in the three dimensions of space.